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Home Insurance

Your home is probably your most valuable asset. Not to mention your home represents your family's safe haven, it's an escape from the world, it's where your family bonds and grows. It also represents many years of hard work. Nations Insurance Solutions understands how vital it is to protect such a valuable asset.

Home Insurance

Whether it's South Padre, The Alamo, Cowboy Stadium or What-a-Burger, Texas is where we call home!  But, more important where we hang our hat and take off our boots is what we protect as our safe haven.  So, making sure you have an agency like Nations Insurance Solutions to help cover any Texas size holes in your coverage is a must!

Homeowners, Flood, Personal Property, Medical Payments, Flood, Wind & Hail, Umbrella, etc


A dwelling fire policy protects the structure of a home against the “named perils” listed in an insurance policy. Despite its title, the policy covers more than just fires. Other losses covered include but are not limited to wind, hail, lightning or vandalism. Because the policy exists to protect the structure only, personal property within the home such as electronics, clothes or appliances are excluded from coverage

For more details on this type coverage, please contact one of our agents at Nations Insurance Solutions.

Manufactured Homes

Nations Insurance Solutions has partnered with the #1 mobile home insurance carrier in the Nation since 2007.  Bringing our clients stability, security and continued discounts.   Offering coverage for:

  • Comprehensive

  • Replacement Cost

  • Liability

  • Rental


Condominium owners have unique insurance needs. Ask yourself these questions to make sure you are properly insured.

What does your master policy say?

How expensive is the association deductible?

How much coverage is appropriate?

Cash value or replacement cost coverage?

Have you insured contents and structure?

Are you covered for flood and wind damage?


It's crazy that for the price of going out for a steak dinner you could pay for a year of rental insurance.  When someone lives in an apartment or someone else's property it is essential for the renter to plan for the inevitable.  Sooner or later, there may be a fire, storm, breakin etc.

FACT:  The owner is not liable for the renters belongings. 

Home Warranty

American Home Shield - Yes, Nations Insurance Solutions writes home warranties through one of the greatest home warranty company's in the nation.  This great coverage can also include maintenance.  So, for all you single ladies and Tim the non-tool men we have the solution.  It can even include the pool.




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